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Apartment Reservation Policy

1. This Reservation Policy sets forth the terms and conditions for booking an apartment with SAS Apartments company in Szczecin.
2. SAS company appreciates your observance of this Policy. Its primary aim is to ensure a quiet and safe stay in our apartments to all our Guests.
1. At the time of booking, a 30% prepayment will be charged.
2. In case of cancellation, the following conditions shall apply: up to 30 days before scheduled arrival, the reservation prepayment is fully refundable; up to 15 days before arrival – 50% is refunded, up to 7 days – 25% is refunded and if cancellation takes place less than 7 days before scheduled arrival – reservation prepayments are non-refundable.
3. No refund will be made for no-show or early check-out cases.
1. Price for apartment rentals includes taxes and costs of utilities such as gas, electricity, water, Internet and TV.
2. Our check-in time is 2 pm and check-out time is 11 am the next day.
3. In the event the Guest is not able to arrive at the apartment at the time formerly agreed upon, the Guest shall promptly inform SAS Apartments by phone. In case of failure to contact SAS company, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation and proceed in accordance with the stipulations in Art.II, point 3 hereinabove.
4. The check-in procedure requires the Guest to produce a valid proof of identity.
5. Remaining payment for the accommodation is made in cash unless it has been paid by money transfer beforehand.
1. Guests shall use the subject apartment only for residential purposes and shall not sublet the apartment or let it be used by third parties free of charge.  
2. The number of persons staying at the apartment cannot be bigger than the number indicated in the booking form.
3. Guests are obliged to respect the rules of proper neighbourly behaviour. In case Guests significantly disturbs the peace or wellbeing of neighbours, SAS company has the right to terminate the agreement without notice and the payment made will be forfeited.
4. Night quiet is from 10 pm to 6 am.
5. Guests bear financial responsibility for all damages caused to the apartment’s furnishings, fittings and technical devices being the property of SAS Apartments, which have arisen due to their fault or fault of persons visiting them.
6. In the event of a damage, Guests shall inform SAS Apartments as soon as possible after noticing the damage.
7. For fire prevention reasons, smoking is forbidden in the rooms. It is also forbidden to use barbecues on balconies, or any other similar devices that are not part of standard apartment equipment.
A child below the age of 4 can stay at the apartment free of charge provided that the child shares the bed with his/her adult guardian or in his/her own bed, which is not an extra bed and does not require extra bed linens and towels. For every adult person, there can be only one child whose stay is free of charge. In case the number of children eligible for free stay exceeds the number of guardians, their stay will be automatically treated as fully chargeable and standard rates will be applied.
In the event of occurrence of events impossible to foresee and effects of which cannot be immediately mitigated through ordinary means, the reservation prepayment shall be refunded and alternative offers for accommodation in Szczecin will be presented to the Guest. In the event of Force Majeure, SAS Apartments has the right to withdraw from the agreement. This also holds true for cases in which SAS company cannot guarantee the Guest’s personal safety or the safety of his belongings, for reasons that cannot be attributed to the company.
In case any disputes shall arise between the Guest and SAS company, they will be governed by the Polish law and settled by the court having jurisdiction over SAS Apartments company’s seat.
Thanks for trusting us and have a nice stay!
Owner of SAS Apartments